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Cap Rocat Hotel Wedding, Palma de Mallorca – Alexandra and Chris

Oh man, looking back at last years weddings and getting them on the blog is making me miss weddings even more than I currently do!! Looking back through Alexandra and Chris’s big day at Cap Rocat though has definitely put a big grin on my face this afternoon! Cap Rocat, you sexy little thing you!! I […]

Château de Varennes Wedding, Burgundy, France – Charlotte and Adam

At last, Charlotte and Adam’s Château de Varennes Wedding is on the blog! I’ve pretty much been meaning to get this one up and live since I shot it!! Better late than never, ay?! Set in the stunning Burgundy region of central France, Château de Varennes is a luxury destination wedding venue that has remained […]

Dewsall Court Wedding Photography, Hereford – Claudia and Toby

Oh to be back in Hereford for a Dewsall Court Wedding, what I’d give for that right now!!! I suppose a blog post of Claudia and Toby looking fly last summer will just have to do!!!!! I mean seriously, what a day, can weddings look and feel any better than this?! A golden sunset with […]

Quinta dos Vales Wedding Photography, Estômbar, Algarve – Char and Nick

How it’s taken me 9 months to get this one on the blog I honestly don’t know, hopefully it’s worth the wait….. 😉 So finally, it’s time for Char and Nick, who last October hosted the mother of all weddings at Quinta dos Vales in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal. What made this weekend […]

Château de Queille Wedding Photography, South West France – Sarah and Neil

We’re back folks!!! Well, sort of, it might be another few months before we’re fully operational, but a few things are slowly returning to normal at HQ. First on the agenda is to share a few absolute rippers on the blog….. so we’re kicking off by winding the clock way back to September 2019, do […]

Nancarrow Farm, Cornwall, Wedding Photography – Charlotte and Simon

Let’s just get one thing straight here, it does not matter what I write over these next few sentences or paragraphs, I simply will not do justice to how amazingly wonderful Charlotte and Simon are, or how magnificently brilliant their wedding at Nancarrow Farm was, it doesn’t matter how many compound adjectives I use, you […]

Ktima Wedding Photography, Lindos, Rhodes – Emma and David

Hands up if you wanna go back to Rhodes?!!! A Ktima wedding anyone?! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!!!!!! I was about to start this blog post by saying it was the first wedding I’ve done in Greece, but I’m sat here now thinking it might actually be the first time I’ve ever been to […]

Villa Di Ulignano Wedding Photography, Tuscany, Italy – Katie & Nick

My love affair with Tuscany continues!!! I can’t get enough of this place, every time I visit I fall a little more in love with Italy. This weekend back in May had it all; in Villa Di Ulignano, Katie and Nick had found a beautiful Tuscan villa set just outside of Volterra, the perfect base […]

La Escollera Ibiza Wedding Photography – Lisa and Matt

35 years on this earth, and it took me until 2018 to finally get my skinny little ass onto the “White Island”, otherwise known as Ibiza! It was to be Lisa and Matt’s wedding at La Escorella, and I’ll be totally honest, Ibiza never used to appeal, I was never big into the clubbing scene, […]

Agriturismo il Rigo Wedding Photography, Tuscany, Italy – Paige and Ryan

Paige and Ryan, where to begin…… well I suppose I should go way back to early 2017, because I can still remember Paige sending me that first email, and it wasn’t to ask a dozen questions about what I offer, she had only one; “I would love for you to shoot our wedding. Please could […]