Creative and documentary wedding photography

DOCUMENTARY meets EDITORIAL; genuine and authentic moments, CREATIVELY CAPTURED.

Thanks for popping by, it’s ace to have you here. If we’ve not crossed paths before, I’m a wedding photographer and educator based out of Derby, it’s ok if you don’t know where that is, I’m not offended!! It’s a small to medium sized city somewhere in the middle of England, moving on….

So yeah, I’m Sam! I’m a full time people watcher – I observe and document people at weddings! I’ve been an international wedding photographer since 2013, having previously worked in Fashion, and with a background in Art and Design, I’ve carried those experiences through to my work as a wedding photographer, creating genuine and authentic images for my couples.

I operate from my own creative space in the heart of Derby; Brickwork Studio, and also run Another Idea, a podcast and YouTube channel that celebrates and discusses the creative industry.

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Harpars Baz

Wedding photography that reflects YOU, and captures the ATMOSPHERE.

This journey for me began in 2012, it might have been 2011, I can’t quite remember now, but let’s go with 2012 for the sake of this story shall we?! I’d always had a real passion for photography, but I certainly wasn’t aware it could lead to a profession. Like most wedding photographers, I had some friends getting married, and I was that guy with a camera!!!!

“Hey Sam, you’ve got a camera, could you….”

I did, and it just so turns out that those images worked out pretty well, and then more people kept asking me to shoot their wedding, and before you know it I’m handing my notice in to the corporate design job!!

It sounds clichéd, but I genuinely haven’t looked back since. I’ve been fortunate to work all over the UK, Europe and Internationally as a wedding photographer during the past decade, and more recently educating and mentoring like-minded photographers in the industry, or those looking to start a new career within photography.

I still get that buzz and hit of adrenaline when I turn up at the start of the day. The unexpected, the not knowing what’s going to happen, what the images will look like, who I’ll meet, it’s that uncertainty that drives me to create the best work I possibly can, providing my couples with a visual story of their day, no matter what happens.

I hope that in my work, each and every wedding feels unique, and that people who view my images gain a sense of the atmosphere from that wedding, even if they weren’t there!

“Sam excels at what he does. The way he throws himself into his weddings is completely unique and the results speak for themselves. As a planner, it’s exciting and comforting to know that Sam is on your wedding team. He’s friendly, supportive, gets the best out of people and doesn’t get in the way! You will never regret hiring Sam as your photographer.”

Lucy White / Wiskow & White