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Best of 2015 – Our Family

So, it’s been a pretty crazy year has 2015!!! I’m sure every year must feel like that to everyone, but this one is extra specially crazy for us; we moved house, (twice! The in-laws kindly putting us up for 2-3 months) and we also welcomed a final member (that is it, no more for us!!) […]

Out and about with a 35mm

I’ve been meaning to get this roll of film processed for a good few months now, I’m even giving serious thought to setting up a darkroom in my office and trying my hand at processing. Film photography is the reason I do what I do, if it wasn’t for picking up a Canon AE-1 on […]

The ‘Not to plan’ Baby portrait sessions

The ‘Not to plan’ Baby portrait sessions

Usually, in fact 99.9% of the time (so pretty much most of the time), photographers capture babies giggling, chuckling and just generally being content. Now, with having a new blog and all, I thought, lets get some of those pictures and put them up for all to see. Betsy is 9 weeks old now, I’m […]

The Day Everything Changed – [Royal Hospital, Derby]

Well, they say the birth of your first child (and I’m sure the birth of any children!) are special days, and whoever ‘they’ are, they’re not wrong!! It all started on a friday night late in February 2012, and I won’t bore you with the details, but the signs were there… Jemma was adamant that nothing […]