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Bristol Circomedia Wedding – Caroline and Thomas

Its been a little while since Caroline and Tom’s wedding now, but I’ve been excited about sharing this one since I left Bristol that evening. The day was made up of 2 contrasting parts; part 1 being an intimate and beautiful ceremony of close friends and family in the centre of Bristol, part 2 being […]

Caroline + Tristan – [Wedding, Bristol] – PART TWO

Caroline + Tristan – [Wedding, Bristol] – PART TWO

Ok, let me just make one thing clear, I do not own a giant cardboard cutout of a squirrel!!! Tristan does! If someone had told me on the morning of this wedding that I would be photographing a guest pointing a SNES scope (lads of the age range 25-35 should know what this is) at […]


Its been killing me this week; straight after last weekends weddings, I was on the road to Wales for a family holiday (minus my laptop and any work!!). So, sat at home were photo’s from a wedding in Bristol that I couldn’t wait to look through, but I had no choice, Jemma would have had […]