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Chateau De Puissentut Wedding, South France – Hannah and Toby

I’m sure it’s obvious by now if you read my blog posts or bio, that I love weddings!! Stupid amounts. I get excited (and a tiny bit nervous) every time I knock on the door first thing in the morning to say my hellos. Not really knowing what lies in store for the day ahead. […]

Castelnau des Fieumarcon Wedding, France – Claire and Dave

I LOVE FRANCE, and having spent a weekend with Dave and Claire for their Castelnau des Fieumarcon¬†wedding just outside of Toulouse, I want to go and live there!!! The landscape, the food, the cheese, the wine, and more often than not, the weather, are all there in glorious abundance. If you can’t see why people […]

Wedding in Provence France – Holly and Brady

This was my first wedding in Provence France, and I really hope its the first of many. If you’ve never been to the South of France, open a new tab, get your diary and start shopping!! Its a beautiful part of the world, with so many locations and amazing things to do, the food and […]