Chateau De Puissentut Wedding, South France – Hannah and Toby

I’m sure it’s obvious by now if you read my blog posts or bio, that I love weddings!! Stupid amounts. I get excited (and a tiny bit nervous) every time I knock on the door first thing in the morning to say my hellos. Not really knowing what lies in store for the day ahead. […]

I’m sure it’s obvious by now if you read my blog posts or bio, that I love weddings!! Stupid amounts. I get excited (and a tiny bit nervous) every time I knock on the door first thing in the morning to say my hellos. Not really knowing what lies in store for the day ahead. Hoping it will be the best day for my couple, and everything they’d anticipated, if not more. Hoping that it will be some of my best work. Well, all of those feelings and thoughts just make me want to give everything for the day ahead. But there are occasions when those feelings are amplified. Like if the wedding is in France, that raises my excitement levels by around 5%; I love the country, especially the South of France, where else is it acceptable to drink a chilled glass of Rose in the morning with your croissants?! So, when I parked up at Chateau De Puissentut, in the beautiful Gers region in the South of France, I was buzzing to say the least. And then, to top it all off, the wedding I was there for was only between Hannah and Toby, 2 brilliant friends from home! And they just happen to be awesome wedding photographers, too! No pressure, not one bit! 😉

Onto the day itself…. and despite a week of potential disasters; petrol strikes, air traffic control strikes, train strikes, Toby not printing what he was meant to print, and the week long threat that Saturday would be relentless thunder storms (not what you go to France for!!), the day could not have gone any better! The thunder storms never appeared, the sun dial was whacked onto full power, the venue was simply beautiful and the day went perfectly to plan. I know there’ll be plenty of fellow peers back in the UK who will agree with me on this one, but it could not have happened to a nicer and more genuine couple than these guys. There’s a huge amount of love amongst photographers for Toby and Hannah, and rightly so, they’re always a pleasure to chat with, laugh with, drunkenly dance with, and the wedding was really no different. I’m beyond pleased for them both.

So here it is, Hannah and Toby’s preview. A day that will live long in my memory, let alone theirs!!! I’ll always look back on this with huge fondness, and a crazy big smile. Before you dive into the full set, I’ll leave Hannah’s first message in response to seeing the preview as a sign off from me: “LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Oh my god we’ve laughed & we’ve cried. We can’t stop looking, these are totally amazing. We can feel the crazy buzz & excitement all over again.” – that’ll do for me!

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