Charlotte + Simon, Nancarrow Farm ~ Cornwall.

From the very second Charlotte and Simon emailed me about their wedding at Nancarrow Farm in Cornwall, I knew it was going to be something pretty damn special. But I was wrong, it was more than that!!

Nancarrow farm wedding in Cornwall
Nancarrow farm wedding photography

If you’re looking for a rural/rustic wedding venue in Cornwall, you’re unlikely to find any better than Nancarrow Farm, in fact I’d go so far to say you’d do well to find any better in the UK! It really is that impressive.

Set on a working farm just outside Zelah in Cornwall, Nancarrow Farm is a truly special UK wedding venue that I’ve been fortunate to work at as a wedding photographer on a couple of occasions now. I think the most striking feature on offer at Nancarrow Farm for me is just how relaxed it is as a venue, you could be anywhere, the hustle and bustle of everyday life just gets left at the entrance to the farm. And it’s this relaxed approach that allows couples and their friends and family who are attending a wedding there, to completely switch off and focus on enjoying the experience.

The other bonus to Nancarrow Farm is that they know how to cook, like really know how!!! It’s as organic and fresh as you could possibly get.

cornwall next week anyone?!

So I met Charlotte and Simon for a little drink in London town around mid-April to have a chat about the plans for Cornwall, and first off, they both give good hugs!!!! Like really good “don’t let me go” hugs!!!

We talked about their wedding plans at Nancarrow Farm, a rustic barn with amazing grounds, perfect to host a chilled day of celebrations with friends and family; super informal, but mixed with great banter, dancing and entertainment, it sounded right up my street!!!

I simply will not do justice to how amazingly wonderful Charlotte and Simon are, or how magnificently brilliant their wedding at Nancarrow Farm was, it doesn’t matter how many compound adjectives I use, you are just going to have to take my word for it!!!

It was a pretty damn good day, which made it an amazing day to be a wedding photographer!!

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THESE ARE UNBELIEVABLE. *whilst we wipe our tears away.

We can’t believe how amazing they are…. seriously. We are so so so happy with them!

– Charlotte and Simon, 2019

Wedding Photography in the UK / Nancarrow Farm, Zelah, Cornwall

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