Wedding Photography Workshop, London, UK – 30th September 2020

Workshop 8.4 goes to London baby!!! Wednesday 30th September 2020, UP Studios, Hoxton, London.

Workshop 8.4 goes to London baby!!! Wednesday 30th September 2020, UP Studios, Hoxton, London.

To anyone new to my workshop pages, here’s a bit about what’s involved; you can expect a day filled with useful and tangible information, a complete insight into how I work and how I approach weddings, with a promise of complete honesty and openness to any questions you might have. This will be on a first come first served basis, and places are limited to 15. Please visit the WORKSHOPS page to find out the launch time of tickets, and sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date with future workshop announcements.

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“I attended one of Sams photography workshops – jeez my brain hurts! Give that man a medal, he is an absolute fountain of knowledge and has a heart of gold, which truly shows in his work and his approach at speaking to others. He’s not afraid to let you in on his secrets to business, he just wants to see you thrive in this industry!

Since the workshop, I have put into action so many of his tips and I can see my business starting to reap the benefits.

Honestly, Sam, thank you so much – you made me see that I was definitely going in the right direction but also redirected me in the aspects that I was getting wrong! If anyone is the slightest bit hesitant to jump on one of the workshops then take it from me… just bloody do it!” –

Date and Time: Wednesday 30th September 2020 // 9:30am start, 6pm finish – followed by a few drinks!!
Venue: UP Studios, Unit 10, Clipper Court, 44-48 Wharf Rd, London N1 7UX

What we’ll be covering: 

    • My approach and philosophies – being a wedding photographer, the absolute beginnings of everything I do.
    • Setup – the equipment I use and why. On the day gear, how I use it, and behind the scenes IT setups.
    • Creativity – how to stay focused and fearless throughout the day, and to remain creative under pressure.
    • Branding, Marketing, Strategy and SEO – the importance of a strong and consistent brand, and making sure people can find your shop!!
    • Editing – creating a preset and finding your style, along with how to edit consistently and efficiently.
    • Getting enquiries – and converting them, without sounding like a sleazy car salesman!
    • Dancefloor – how to shoot OCF, a 3 camera setup with 2 cameras! Scared of low light and shooting flash? you won’t be!!
    • Posing and composing – how to nail portraits and create quick and varied frames under pressure.
    • Reacting to light – knowing where and how to shoot portraits in all types of light.
    • Loads more little hints and tips, including stuff on social media, what has worked for me, and what hasn’t!!!

If you’d like to find out what a previous attendee though to the workshop, please have a read of Simon Brettells blog!

Who’s it for: A variety of levels, but whether you’re established and after a creative re-fresh, or new to the industry and after a real insight into running a business and how to make it work, there will be plenty of useful and actionable ideas to help push your work and business onto the next level. It goes without saying that a basic understanding of how to work a camera and lightroom would be useful, but certainly not essential!

What you will need to bring: A camera! Something to keep notes on! Questions!

How much: £300 – limited to 15 spaces, includes lunch and coffee/refreshments

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No guff!! Metaphors kept to a minimum!!!!! I want my attendees to leave with a real sense that they have gained some strong and actionable ideas that can be taken forward and implemented into their business. It’s not going to be a motivational ted-talk kind of workshop, where I tell you to “believe” or “shoot from the heart”, but it will be a very honest and open day stuffed with practical ideas that I perform on a daily basis within my business.

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Some Kind words:

Claire –

“I laughed, I cried, I made friends…and I learnt A LOT! As someone starting out in wedding photography, Sams workshop was a brilliant way for me to learn from someone who is experienced and ask questions in a non judgmental environment . I loved that the workshop was full of a range of experience levels and that it was just so relaxed. I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s also nice to know that the journey doesn’t end once the workshop is over and that I genuinely feel I could contact Sam for help or advice if I needed to. Thanks Sam! ”

“just a quick one to say THANK YOU so much for all the insights and honest feedback. Yours was the third workshop I attended in less than two months, and I can honestly say it was the most insightful. I loved how open you were with regards to pricing, sharing all the nitty gritty details of how you set up your camera, post-process and generally approach a shoot, as well as sharing all the info on how you respond to clients and what you put into your e-Brochure. I learned tons and cannot wait to implement my learnings in the new year.”

Victoria –

“Hey Sam, You beat me to it, I was going email you today to say a HUGE thanks for such a great day on Wednesday.

It was so relaxed and friendly, and your open and honest approach was really refreshing. I’ve come away with huge amounts of inspiration and knowledge, not only in terms of how I shoot (and my general fear of low light!) but also in terms of my confidence – as someone who is self-taught and relatively new to the industry, I have major imposter syndrome! But hearing about your journey and how you approach everything gave me a real boost. And “you can only shoot whats in front of you” will be on repeat in my head from now on…! So thanks again for a really inspirational day, it was awesome!

Best wishes, Victoria x”

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Claire –

“Morning Sam!

Hope you haven’t got a ‘workshop’ hangover today! I couldn’t sleep last night- so many things buzzing round on my head!

I’ve woken up today with a new mind set and will be seriously looking at my business over the next couple of weeks. I wondered if you had a spare 5 mins (literally a glance!) if you would take a quick look at my website and give me an honest opinion of it? I invested into it at the end of last year but after yesterday, there are things I want to tweak.

I think the thing that has changed for me from yesterday is taking myself seriously- and getting over that low self confidence. After listening to you I think I’ve got to pull those big girl pants up- if I’m not taking myself seriously and charging properly, no one else is going to either, right?!

Sorry for the waffle. Thanks again for yesterday- I really believe it was a ‘game changer’ workshop for me and I appreciate everything you put into it.”

Lou –

“So its been a month since I have returned from the workshop and since then…no joke…I have booked over 10 weddings since taking on the advise and knowledge from Sam. I dont think my feet have quite hit the ground since then! I just need that extra insight and confidence boost from Sam that was much needed for me to go in to the direction I have wanted. I really cant even begin to thank and praise Sam for what he has done for me and my business. Its literally been life changing! So if you are looking at workshops to do…stop looking and just book this one.”

Kate –

“This is truly a workshop for every photographer, whether you have been in the business ten years or ten minutes. You will definitely walk away with food for thought on aspects of your business, branding, marketing, the way you approach shooting, and most importantly why you’re doing it. Sam forces you to ask yourself questions which will put you on the road to developing your style and making your business more profitable. The course is full of real, practical information that you can actually use, and basically pays for itself!

Sam is extremely personable and affable, and makes you feel comfortable immediately, so you have no reservations about asking questions throughout the day, and he holds nothing back. There is no secret formula to his success, he just works really, really bloody hard! After hearing him going through his processes and his outlook on shooting I’m ready to step my game up even more, and cannot wait for this season of weddings.

In short I laughed, I cried, I made some new friends and you’d be crazy not to do it!”

Elliot –

“I have been to a loads of workshops in the last few years and I have to say that Sam’s would benefit anyone no matter where you are in your photography journey. Whether you’re just starting out or experienced there was much great advice and so many interesting, helpful hints and tips. It was exactly what I was looking for! I left so inspired. It was like red bull, but for my photography!”

Alline –

“Sam was a mentor to me at the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer, offering advice and counselling to me when I was new to the industry. He was honest and constructive with my portfolio, which is was what I needed the most, and helped with every single question I had (no matter how embarassing they were!!), but most of all he did not hold back in sharing all of his experience and knowledge with me. Ever since our mentoring session my career definitely had the shift it needed at the time, and I can still count on him today when I need some guidance!”

“As is only natural you’ll be questioning whether this workshop is really ‘worth’ the money. I did, I’m a Yorkshireman so I’m always on the look out for value! So let me put your mind at rest – it’s a bargain. You’ll come away with a new mindset and a determination to put all you’ve learned into practice. You’re given an insight into how to run a successful business that works for you, with actionable ideas that you know you should have been doing all along. It’s inspirational, eye opening and a kick up the backside we all need. I’d hazard a guess that lots of attendees will be pestering Sam to be their mentor and that’s probably the best evaluation his can get”

How to book: £100 non-refundable deposit via paypal (remaining balance due 7 days before workshop);