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Swancar Farm, Nottingham Wedding – Sarah and Ben

Ok, so hopefully it’s clear that I love weddings, like crazy amounts! I love it even more when the couple have a child, there’s something about having them involved in the day that makes it super special. And all parents know you become an emotional wreck once you’ve had your first child, so throw that added emotion […]

World Service Nottingham Wedding Photography – Bhavna and Dave

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day with Bhavna and Dave for their intimate ceremony at the World Service Nottingham. As weddings go, it was a small and low key affair, with just very close friends and family in attendance, but that will be a stark contrast to the main event they’ll […]

Thrumpton Hall, Nottingham Wedding Photographer – Glenda and Dan

Where to start with Glenda and Dan……. Well, they’re pretty damn awesome, thats where! Their wedding took place in the stunning grounds of Thrumpton Hall in Nottinghamshire, where a close group of friends and families gathered to celebrate their marriage. And by gosh did they celebrate!! This lot knew how to party, thats for sure. […]