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Cripps Stone Barn, Wedding – Emmalene and Ben

I’ve been to Cripps Stone barn a few times now, and I’ll be honest, I always worry about what I’ll do that will be different to the previous visits. I never want to recycle work, but the more you shoot a venue, the harder it is to avoid that, or so I thought. You see […]

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography – Dolly and Garry

This is my hat-trick appearance as a Cripps Stone Barn wedding photographer, and like the previous 2, I loved every minute of it. It’s a true gem of a venue, and becomes something else when you fill it with great people. Dolly and Garry, along with their family and friends, certainly are that, everyone was there […]

Cripps Stone Barn, Cotswolds Wedding Photography – Katie and Ashley

Oh man, just when I think the wedding gods can’t continue to keep dishing up awesome, along come Katie and Ashley!! I’ve shot a wedding at Cripps Stone Barn once before, so expectations for this day were high as it’s a smasher of a venue! And by god did it not disappoint. This day had it […]

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography Preview – Akanksha and Dylan

This was my first Cripps Stone Barn Wedding, and what a day it was!! This is a little preview for now, but all I can say is that it was difficult only selecting a dozen images from this day!!! Dylan and Akanksha were utterly amazing, their friends and family (especially her dad!) were beyond awesome. I […]