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Babington House Wedding Photography, Somerset – Emma and Jade

SOUND THE KLAXON!!!!! It’s time to get Emma and Jade on the blog! Although this isn’t the first time they’ve featured…. for those non-regular viewers out there, these girls got snapped sharing a little moment at Abi and Craigs wedding back in December 2016! It was that frame that led them to asking me along […]

Cripps Barn Wedding, Bibury, Cotswolds – Abi and Craig

Oh man!! Where do I start with Abi and Craig?! I suppose I should kind of set the scene…… it was a Cripps Barn wedding, if you’ve never been, it’s a beauty; set in the gorgeous Cotswolds, in Winter!! We’re off to a good start right there! It was a black tie wedding for the gents…. […]

Stone Barn Wedding, The Cotswolds – Jessica and Alex

The penultimate blog post of the 2016 wedding season, and it’s time for Jess and Alex at Stone Barn to hit the blog, which is a miracle really, because I still recall Jessica telling me on the day that they were close to not even booking a photographer at all, just because “they didn’t like having […]

Cripps Stone Barn, Wedding – Emmalene and Ben

I’ve been to Cripps Stone barn a few times now, and I’ll be honest, I always worry about what I’ll do that will be different to the previous visits. I never want to recycle work, but the more you shoot a venue, the harder it is to avoid that, or so I thought. You see […]

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography – Dolly and Garry

This is my hat-trick appearance as a Cripps Stone Barn wedding photographer, and like the previous 2, I loved every minute of it. It’s a true gem of a venue, and becomes something else when you fill it with great people. Dolly and Garry, along with their family and friends, certainly are that, everyone was there […]

Cripps Stone Barn, Cotswolds Wedding Photography – Katie and Ashley

Oh man, just when I think the wedding gods can’t continue to keep dishing up awesome, along come Katie and Ashley!! I’ve shot a wedding at Cripps Stone Barn once before, so expectations for this day were high as it’s a smasher of a venue! And by god did it not disappoint. This day had it […]

Wedding Day Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS & MNDA Charity

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t argue that the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised an incredible amount of awareness, support and cash for ALS and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. And on a day when I was nominated twice, thanks Jim and Katie, a lovely guest at yesterdays wedding decided that it was […]

Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography Preview – Akanksha and Dylan

This was my first Cripps Stone Barn Wedding, and what a day it was!! This is a little preview for now, but all I can say is that it was difficult only selecting a dozen images from this day!!! Dylan and Akanksha were utterly amazing, their friends and family (especially her dad!) were beyond awesome. I […]